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Unreal Fellowship: Animation 2023

After an incredible experience of becoming an official certified Unreal Engine 5 instructor, I'm now stepped into a new chapter – this time in the Unreal Engine Animation Fellowship as a TA&TD join by others including mentors and amazing guest speakers.

My path in virtual production and real-time animation, fueled by my passion for filmmaking and gaming, has been a rewarding adventure. From late-night troubleshooting sessions to learning from the inspiring community during my time as a Teaching Assistant at the Epic Worldbuilding fellowship, each experience on this fellowship has enriched my knowledge and skills.
I've had the privilege of working with diverse projects, and individuals. So cool that my motion capture sessions made into some animations I was amazed what “non-animators” did. Many thanks to Rokoko and Paulina Wieczorek for support.

Now after the fellowship now I , learned to tame control rig - all of which have been instrumental in deepening my understanding of this dynamic field of mocap cleanup right in Unreal Engine.

I am excited to delve deeper into the possibilities of what’s to come. It's an privilege to contribute back to the community as an educator, sharing the insights and skills I've acquired. This journey, comparable in its intensity and reward to my most challenging educational experiences, signifies not just personal growth but also the opportunity to inspire and empower others in the realm of #realtime 3D animation. I’m open to connect and network to fill the void after the fellowship please feel free to reach out!

I’d like to thank everyone involved one on the epic team now and in the past you’ve made it and I I’m really proud to be with part of this. My contribution is something I’m proud of. I hope you got a lot of joy from my ideas and tips I shared from the world of indie filmmaking and inspired diy #virtualproduction metahuman helmet rigs!

Was amazing to work with you all!:

Andrew Evdokimov for mentoring the team Manuel Godetz, Ilya Nodia, James Simpson, Jon Turburfield, Dawid Bunio, Gabriele Lai, György Jánossy , Harshit Penamata , Belisaire Earl, Kadel Barton , Cathal Crumley, Noel Mahoney Kanstantsin Samaryn. 🎉

ALL Mentors/Instructors/TAs - you took this to another level!! Amaresh Beuria Beuria, Cameron Kostopoulos , Carlo Andrei Mercado Morales , David I. García, Elena Felici , Emanuele Salvucci , Anandh Ramesh SFHEA , Juan S. Gomez Ibañez, Martin Bell Bell, Paul Martin Eliasz Martin Eliasz, Pavan B B, Ramón Olivero, Rodrigo Da Costa Da Costa, Sigmund Payne Payne, Trygve Bjellvåg B. and also Gabriella Krousaniotakis (for the amazing lectures from previous program).

Thank you, Cathy Cheo-Isaacs , for the first letter and providing all necessary support throughout the program. Special thanks to Brian Pohl and Jamie Hurcomb , big appreciation to the Epic Games edu Team for all the work!

I helped the team as Technical Director. I offered and did the mocap for some of the fellows!

My backstage and reaction video to our teams work.