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Rap Music Video - Słoń Święta w piekle '87 (prod. Chris Carson)

Before these lights, cameras, and the mesmerizing world of animation, there was a journey that began in the quieter corners of artistic pursuit. My path was carved with a pen and a lens, a voyage that started in the quaint realms of independent filmmaking and animation. Each frame I created, every story I told, was a stepping stone, leading me to the vibrant and uncharted territories of the Polish rap scene.

Polish rap, a genre as dynamic and varied as the streets from where it echoes, has always been a canvas for the raw, the real, and the revolutionary. It wasn't just music; it was a pulse of a culture, a rhythm of the streets, a voice for the unvoiced. My entry into this world was not just a shift in the genre of my work but a dive into a cultural wave that was reshaping the Polish music landscape. Collaborating with these artists wasn't just about lending visuals to their verses; it was about understanding the heartbeat of this genre and translating it into a visual symphony.

As an animator and filmmaker, I was used to weaving stories. But here, in the heart of Poland's urban music scene, I found stories that demanded a new language of expression – a fusion of beats, lyrics, and visuals that transcended traditional storytelling. The challenge was exhilarating; the opportunity, like none other.